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Samiha Nasir

Marketing & Social Media Expert.

About Samiha Nasir

Samiha Nasir Ahmed is a talented marketing and social media expert, serving as the head of marketing and communication at Sanjeevani Farms. With a background in journalism and authorship, Samiha brings a unique perspective to her role, allowing her to craft compelling content that resonates with customers. She is also a farm owner and agriculturalist, giving her an in-depth understanding of the industry and the challenges that come with it. As the head of marketing and communication, Samiha is responsible for developing and executing strategies to promote Sanjeevani Farms’ mission of sustainable agriculture. She handles all aspects of content creation, including writing blogs and social media posts that keep customers informed about the latest developments at the farm. Samiha’s creativity and expertise in marketing have helped Sanjeevani Farms to increase its reach and attract new customers, while also promoting the importance of sustainable farming practices.

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